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Here they are, the masterpieces of our chef!


Stimulate your appetite.
  • Beetroot

    smoke & coconut
    chickpea & curry

  • Soup
    14.00 / 17.00

    reindeer & Jerusalem artichoke
    lingonberries & potato

  • Lappish Flavours
    17.00 / 30.00

    reindeer & game
    fish & veggie

  • House green salad
  • House bread


Taste the magic of Lapland.
  • Veggie

    porcini mushroom & coconut
    orange & polenta

  • Fish

    blood orange & sparkling wine
    pear & couscous

  • Poultry

    fruit & liquorice & parsnip
    rosemary & buckwheat

  • Meat

    honey & mushroom & cabbage
    garlic & potato

  • Sauteéd Reindeer

    lingonberry & gherkins
    mashed potatoes

  • Reindeer

    red wine & spruce sprout & carrot
    rosemary & fingerling potato


The perfect end to a perfect dinner.
  • Cake

    lemon & sweet grass & liquorice

  • Lappish Cheese

    spruce sprout & cloudberry & caramel

  • Ice Cream / Sorbet
    changing flavours



  • Anno Domini Prosecco Extra Dry / Veneto, Italy
    12cl 8.00, 1/1 50.00

    The colour of the wine is straw yellow and the bubbles are fine and persistent. The fruity and floral nuances of the fragrance stand out well and there is a wonderful green apple in the background. The flavour goes well with the aroma and the wine is a wonderful pleasure in itself.

  • Gustave Lorentz Crémant Rosé / Alsace, France
    12cl 8.80, 1/1 55.00

    The colour is a luscious pink. Delicious red berry aroma with raspberries and a little red currant. Despite its berry aroma, the wine is dry. Pure aromatic taste and pleasant acidity.


  • Champagne Gruet Selection Brut / Champagne, France
    12cl 12.00, 1/1 75.00

    Beautiful pale golden colour and a rich, fine mousse. The scent is delicately floral and herbally spicy, with ripe fruit, apple, peach, white flowers and a hint of citrus in the background. Full flavoured with abundant fruit and herbs perceptible. A very balanced and rich whole.             

  • Champagne J. Charpentier Prestige / Champagne, France
    1/1 85.00

    Beautiful light golden yellow colour. The aroma is mineral and can be distinguished from green apples, citrus and a hint of toasting. The flavour is very dry, ripe fruity, toasty, delicately spicy and mineral. Sophisticated, small bubbles.               

  • Deutz Rosé Brut Vintage / Champagne, France
    1/1 98.00

    Gorgeous old-fashioned pink color that is slightly orange-like. The scent is sweet with red fruits, a touch of rhubarb and exotic fruitiness. The avor is dry and elegantly powerful. Strawberry, small red berriues and a hint of mint.


  • Der verlockende aus der alten Flur rose 2021 Donabaum / Wachau, Austria
    12cl 8.00, 16cl 10.65, 24cl 16.00, 1/1 50.00

    The colour is bright salmon pink. Very juicy and dense rosé wine, which conjures aromas of raspberry and wild strawberry in the glass. The flavour is attractive and creamy, clean and lively. Great spiciness and acidity continue for a long time. Thanks to its multidimensionality, it is also a delightfully tasty food wine.

  • Lundén & Cie Blush Rosé / Rheingau, Germany
    1/1 60.00

    A fresh berry scent with raspberry. Dry mouthfeel with a berry aroma and fresh acidity.


  • Le Sanglier de la Montagne Sauvignon Blanc / Languedoc-Roussillon, France
    12cl 6.40, 16cl 8.55, 24cl 12.80, 1/1 40.00

    The colour is intense, light lemon yellow, slightly greenish. The wine is dry but very fresh.
    The flavour and aftertaste have pleasant tropical fruit and citrus in it.

  • Matthias Gaul Riesling Trocken / Pfalz, Germany
    12cl 7.20, 16cl 9.60, 24cl 14.40, 1/1 45.00

    A mineral and fresh wine with an apple cent. The wine is medium-bodied, with high acidity and a crisp finish. On the palate green apples, citrus fruits and stone fruits such as apricot and nectarine.

  • Enate Chardonnay 234 / Somontano, Spain
    12cl 8.00, 16cl 10.65, 24cl 16.00, 1/1 50.00

    The appearance of the wine is light pale yellow with light greenish tinges. The olfactory field consists of a spectrum of ripe citrus, peach and tropical fruits, as well as a hint of spicy herbs. The dry mouthfeel is rich and richly fruity with exotic fruits. The rich fruitiness is balanced by noticeable acids. Elegance is brought by a pleasant minerality. The aftertaste is velvety and lingering. An elegant harmony between chewy fruit and fresh acids.

  • Weingut Seehof Scheurebe Trocken vom Kalkstein / Rheinhessen, Germany
    12cl 8.80, 16cl 11.75, 24cl 17.60, 1/1 55.00

    Aromas of light yellow fruits, gooseberries and lemon peel. The flavour comes with juicy grapefruit, blackcurrant and elderflower and a touch of basil. These make it a firework of aromas. The finish is slightly tangy, encouraging to drink, dry, absolutely straightforward and enjoyable.

  • Complantation Blanc Marcel Deiss / Alsace, France
    1/1 65.00

    The colour is full yellow and bright. On the nose, honeydew melon, rich tropical fruits and depth. Almost full on the palate, typical concentration of Alsace. The aromas follow in the flavour. The flavour is very long and strong. A bit of bitterness at the end, which gives the wine structure to withstand even strong foods.

  • Matthias Gaul Asselheim Chardonnay / Pfalz, Germany
    1/1 70.00

    Elegantly oaked Chardonnay in the Burgundian style. Aromas include toastiness, citrus, melon and cream toffee. The grapes come from the heart of the Palatinate, from the village of Asselheim, the vines grow on the highest hills in the region, where the average temperature is significantly cooler than down in the village. This helps the grapes maintain their acidity and quality until harvest. The soil is rocky and barren, where the roots of the vines are naturally low and give the wine mineral aromas. The wine is made by hand.


  • Fortant Grande Nuit Réserve Cabernet Sauvignon / Languedoc-Roussillon, France
    12cl 6.40, 16cl 8.55, 24cl 12.80, 1/1 40.00

    The scent includes ripe currant, plum, blackberry and gentle toasty aromas. The flavour is quite rich, repeating the aromas of the fragrance. In addition, sour cherry, sweet spiciness and herbs can be distinguished in the wine. The soft tannins bring poise to the whole.

  • Perelada 5 Finques Reserva / Catalonia, Spain
    12cl 8.00, 16cl 10.65, 24cl 16.00, 1/1 50.00

    The colour is deep cherry red. The scent is fruity and spicy, with a hint of toastiness. A developing and intense scent. The flavour is rich and tannic with dark berry and lightly fig-like. Fresh acidity, dense, well-balanced and harmonious wine with a long silky aftertaste.

  • Nittnaus Pinot Noir Reserve / Burgenland, Austria
    12cl 8.80, 16cl 11.75, 24cl 17.60, 1/1 55.00

    A beautiful medium ruby colour. A very luscious scent with intense flavours of ripe raspberry, cherries and strawberries, well integrated oak, vanilla and licorice. A beautiful dry medium bodied red wine with balanced tannins.

  • Prunotto Bansella Nizza / Piemonte, Italy
    12cl 9.60, 16cl 12.80, 24cl 18.20, 1/1 60.00

    The colour of the wine is deep ruby ​​red. In the delicious scent, plum, violet, chocolate and liquorice. The flavour of the wine is rich and bold, which is balanced by a good acidity.

  • Château La France Delhomme / Bordeaux, France
    1/1 65.00

    Garnet in colour with violet reflections, this luscious Medoc is full-bodied with plenty of plum, blackcurrant and blackberry, as well as jammy black fruit and spice. The tannins are ripe and round, with some freshness.

  • Badaceli de la Solana / Priorat, Spain
    1/1 70.00

    The wine is almost opaque in appearance, deep, dark cherry red. In the multidimensional mouthfeel, you can sense ripe blackberry and cherry, licorice and smokiness, as well as the roastiness and minerality brought by the oak. The mouthfeel is rich and soft with aromas of ripe dark berries, licorice and hazelnut. The acids are in balance with the fruitiness and the tannins are rounded but strong. The minerality brings its own touch to the stylish and elegant wine.


  • Poliziano Rosso di Montepulciano / Tuscany, Italy
    1/1 55.00

    Deep ruby ​​red with a purple tinge. Aromas of dark berries, violets, chocolate, coffee and leather.
    The flavour is dry, sour, tannic and fruity.

  • Valpolicella DOC Classico Ripasso Lena di Mezzo / Veneto, Italy
    1/1 60.00

    The scent is spicy and slightly toasty, herb, pepper and cherry blossom. The flavour is rather long and pleasantly balanced and fruity.

  • Il Falcone Riserva / Apulia, Italy
    1/1 75.00

    The rich flavour is balanced and lingering. One of the most prestigious red wines from Apulia, highlighting the character and elegance of Nero di Troia harmoniously combined with other local varieties.

  • Giulia Negri Langhe Nebbiolo Pian delle Mole/ Piemonte, Italy
    1/1 80.00

    The colour of the wine is dark blue-red. In the strong scent, you can feel cassis, violets and dark chocolate and a hint of menthol. On the palate, the wine is balanced and serene, with clear fruit and chocolate in the long aftertaste.

  • Le Volte dell’Ornellaia / Toscana, Italy
    1/1 80.00

    Full-bodied flavour, with wonderfully soft tannins and a fresh finish. Perfectly reflects the elegance and balance typical of the vintage.

  • Caparzo Brunello di Montalcino / Toscana, Italy
    1/1 85.00

    Ripe, dried red fruits in the scent. The wine is multi-layered, elegant and youthful. On the palate, sweet spices, a lot of acidity and good posture from the tannins.   

  • Amarone della Valpolicella Casa Capitei Monte del Fra / Veneto, Italy
    1/1 90.00

    The colour is intense ruby ​​red with garnet tones, very bright and brilliant. The scent has a great almost ethereal intensity. It has lingering fruity notes, from cherries to ripe plums and red berries. The palate immediately opens up to be rich and wide, velvety, full-bodied, and the surrounding tannins connect and strengthens the persistence and complexity.


  • Noita Winery Loop Garoo / Fiskars, Finland
    1/1 60.00

    The flavour of the wine is dry, acidic and there is a sense of abundant berries; raspberry and strawberry, soft juniper and blood grapefruit. Wonderfully sparkling.

  • Noita Winery Pet Nat / Fiskars, Finland
    12cl 9.60, 1/1 60.00

    This four grape Pet Nat is a dry, slightly bubbly starter wine with a strawberry and cherry flavour profile. Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay serve as the backbone and creators of the wine’s structure. Blaufränkisch and Rotburger bring intense forest berry aromas to the wine.

  • Noita Winery Riesling / Fiskars, Finland
    1/1 60.00

    A dry and bright, golden-yellow natural wine, with aromas and flavours of peach, green apple, gooseberry and yuzu.

  • Noita Winery Grüner Veltliner / Fiskars, Finland
    12cl 9.60, 16cl 12.80, 24cl 19.20, 1/1 60.00

    Dry, refreshingly acidic, appley, ripe citrus aroma with a hint of mustard seed. The flavour is similar to the fragrance, tropically fruity, herbal and slightly peppery. The acidity feels long in the aftertaste.

  • Noita Winery Space Echo / Fiskars, Finland
    12cl 9.60, 16cl 12.80, 24cl 19.20, 1/1 60.00

    A light ruby-red natural wine with wild strawberry aroma and a hint of apple, herbs and red berries. However, the medium-strength tannins create a good posture for the wine.

  • Noita Winery Cabernet Sauvignon / Fiskars, Finland
    1/1 60.00

    In the scent you will find lingonberry, black cherry and bell pepper. The wine is tannic with balanced medium-high acidity. In the flavour can be found black currant & cherry, green bell pepper and spices, light olive and violet.


  • Ainoa Sametti / Hollola, Finland
    4cl 6.50

    Strong, rich and sweet with an almost port-like character. Medium acidity, rich blueberry, delicate flower, nuanced, balanced and long.

  • Ainoa Vaapukka / Hollola, Finland
    4cl 6.50

    Very rich, with a tartness from the raspberries that balances the sugars and cuts through sweetness in the mouth.

  • Ainoa Valokki / Hollola, Finland
    4cl 6.50

    There is no fruit that better expresses the unique spirit of Lapland than cloudberries, and Valokki captures that brilliantly in a wine. Sweet, medium acidity, citrus marmalade, light honey, balanced and long.

  • Ceretto Moscato d’Asti / Piemonte, Italy
    8cl 9.00
    The wine has a greenish yellow color and the scent includes fresh grapes and sweet raisins. The flavor of the wine is sweet.
  • Huber Riesling Auslese Bio Lorenz / Traisental, Austria
    8cl 10.00

    The colour of the wine is dark yellow. The aroma is rich in straw, caramelized fruit and gentle spices such as cloves and cinnamon. The flavour is deliciously sweet and spicy.

  • Recioto della Valpolicella Classico / Veneto, Italy
    8cl 12.50

    A black ruby ​​red color with strong purple undertones. The scent has very fascinating nuances of balsamic, dried tobacco leaves, red berries, spices and nuts. Full-bodied texture with fresh acidity that leaves little room for sweet flavours. Vibrant tannins, sour cherries and cocoa complete the flavour experience.
    A strong but balanced dessert wine.


  • Churchill’s Dry White Port / Douro, Portugal
    8cl 10.00

    A beautiful golden yellow colour. An aromatic scent with hints of grated nutmeg and eucalyptus.
    A fresh and nuanced flavour with a slight aroma of orange peel. A long-lasting and spicy aftertaste.

  • Churchill’s Late Bottled Vintage Port / Douro, Portugal
    8cl 10.00

    A dark, cherry red colour. A nuanced scent with aromas of dark plums and blackcurrants.
    Chocolatey, spicy and long-lasting flavour. A balanced whole all together.

  • Churchill’s 10 year old Tawny Port / Douro, Portugal
    8cl 12.00

    A rich, brick-red colour with golden hints of amber. An elegant and nuanced scent, with hints of dried fruit with a slight aroma of orange peel. The full, but fresh flavour repeats the aromas of the fragrance. Long-lasting flavour.       


  • Gutierrez Colosia Jerez Fino / Jerez, Spain
    8cl 8.00
    A fresh scent with green apples and almonds. A dry flavor with apple, pear and a lot of chamomile.
  • Gutierrez Colosia Jerez Oloroso Sangre y Trabajadero / Jerez, Spain
    8cl 10.00
    The oxidative scent has dried fruits such as raisins and figs. Dry consistency. You can distinguish the dried fruit and nuts as well in the flavor.
  • Gutierrez Colosia Jerez Pedro Ximenes / Jerez, Spain
    8cl 12.00
    Rich and sweet, with lots of dates and raisins. Dried figs and candied fruits. Plum jam. Kind of a liquid walnut cake. Hints of honey-coated almonds.
  • La Cañada de Pérez Barquero Pedro Ximenes / Andalusia, Spain
    8cl 16.00

    The wine is dense and intensely dark, offering excellent results from patient and careful aging, it is full of aromas and flavours, raisins, figs, honey and cocoa and toffee. The wine is simply wonderful and individual.


  • Nardini Grappa Bianca / Bassano del Grappa, Italy
    4cl 9.30

    The scent is clean and clear, slightly earthy and very full-bodied. Comes with a hint of spiciness and a sense of sweetness. Balanced and typical in flavour, soft creamy and down to earth.

  • Nardini Grappa Extrafina / Bassano del Grappa, Italy
    4cl 10.80

    Multidimensional, tinted with rose, peach and banana aromas. Smooth in flavour, elegant, very round and long lasting.

  • Nardini Grappa Riserva 5 anni / Bassano del Grappa, Italy
    4cl 11.60

    Bright light yellow in colour. The scent is soft, delicate and harmonious, with aromas of cherry, cocoa and vanilla. Due to the distilling, this grappa has a very soft flavour, an intense round and a variety of spices.

  • Nardini Grappa Riserva 7 anni / Bassano del Grappa, Italy
    4cl 14.30

    The colour is light yellow, in warm tones. The scent is nuanced, intense and aromatic, with a wide range of spicy and fruity shades, a touch of vanilla, marasca cherries and natural berries. Rich and durable in flavour, according to the sensations evoked by the scent.

  • Nardini Grappa Riserva 15 anni / Bassano del Grappa, Italy
    4cl 19.50

    Intense and very aromatic, vanilla, ripe fruit, tobacco and cinnamon. Dark yellow, with strong and warm tones. Rich, intense and very long flavour. The aftertaste contains a variety of nuances obtained with an exceptional 15 years of aging.

  • Ginepro del Grappa Liqueur / Bassano del Grappa, Italy
    4cl 9.00

    A rare juniper berry grappa liqueur that is bright in colour. The scent is full-bodied and sweet. The juniper berry stands out clearly and gives the impression of sweet gin. Very soft in flavour, very easy to approach due to its sweetness. The intensely varied spiciness is emphasized in the final taste. A great and really special digestive after a meal.


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